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Some of my - little projects

C3KC is 501c3 - non-profit community education

Cowtown computer Congress the Kansas City Hackerspace organization

CCCKC is a non-profit group geared to share and educate the community. Founding for the projects comes from membership dues and donations.  Most educational programs are free. Meeting are held weekly at the Hammerspace Facilty each Thursday night at 7pm.   - Read more-

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Tim Middleton

- visit them and tell them to show you more.

- Maker faire Kansas City 2012 - June 23-24

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3D Printing for the masses

Being a 3D printer owner and builder.  I have spent a great deal of time working on and with printers.  Gathering information reading and posting questions.  Buying parts and putting stuff together testing and generally spending time fiddling with them. See more about my work in the 3dprinter section - you can see more failures on my tumbler account called failiverse.

If you are interested in my projects and would like to learn more about what I am up to please visit the contact page and drop me a line and let me know.

Learn what you can. If you have a chance to spread out what you have learned to those around you your personal perspective on the truth is what others
will value in you. It truly is all about how you use and share what you learn...